Admissions Process - 25th of Aug, 2023 Webinar
Study at Constructor Institute in Switzerland

On August 25th at 17:00 CET,  Constructor Institute in Switzerland organized a webinar to provide in-depth information on the admission process for our state-of-the-art MSc programs in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Leadership, as well as Quantum Software Engineering & Computer Science. During this informative session,

Prof. Bertrand Meyer outlined our innovative programs designed to cultivate the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs. Caroline Meyer Sharma, our Student Recruiting Specialist, was on hand to answer any questions you may have had. She provided insights into scholarship opportunities, guided you through the application process, and offered information on living in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

We hope the webinar was informative for you and helped you gain a better understanding of the opportunities that await at the Constructor Institute. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to your application.


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Constructor Institute Master’s Insights - 23rd of Aug, 2023
17h (CET)