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Master (CSSEL)
Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Leadership
Master (QSECS)
Quantum Software Engineering and Computer Science
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Constructor Institute, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland offers computer science and software engineering expertise at Master of Science, PhD, and postdoctoral levels. Our professors have chairs in Quantum Software Engineering, Software Engineering, and Software Testing and Analysis Research. They are authors of multiple distinguished publications in their related fields.

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Key facts
Academic degree
Master of Science
Starting date and duration
2 years full-time.
4 semesters classic program (120 ECTS): Sept. 2023 – June 2025.
Tuition fee
10,000 CHF for EU and EFTA students.
20,000 CHF per year for non-EFTA and non-EU nationals.
Full scholarships and tuition waivers for students with excellent grades are available.
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Application deadline
31st of August for all applicants.
Under the individual circumstances, the deadline could be extended.
Instruction language
Studying at Constructor Institute

Our programs have a fundamental purpose - to invest in your future self! Our renowned faculty experts will help you explore the latest computer science technology and will foster the leader in you through first-hand experience.

Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Leadership

Quantum Software Engineering and Computer Science

Graduation Iana 2023
Research in Constructor Institute

We offer unique practical methods, real-life managerial expertise, and a holistic approach to help you become the best professional you can be!

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Constructor Institute is committed to excellence and offers a diverse range of attractive programs specializing in MSc and PhD degrees. Our programs provide the highest standard of education in technology, AI, modern software engineering methods, and quantum studies.

One of the key advantages of studying at Constructor Institute is our modern approach to research and our commitment to innovative teaching methods. We provide a personalized and professional learning environment where direct contact with professors is encouraged. The atmosphere is especially conducive to learning, with small study and research groups fostering a sense of camaraderie and enabling a substantial amount of individual attention.

of the Constructor Institute
How to make it in Switzerland
In the various IT fields
Why do students trust us?
Yury Hrytsuk
"I am here, at Constructor Institute because I would like to bridge the gap between technology and the dance industry."
Yury Hrytsuk, Belarus
Flora Teklit
"I chose Constructor Institute because it fits my future career paths, it is in a great country and I had a fully funded scholarship"
Flora Teklit, Ethiopia
Ananga Thapaliya
"Constructor Institute is located in a perfect and quiet city of Schaffhausen. The studies are also very flexible, I could go to Switzerland, Spain and many more countries"
Ananga Thapaliya, Nepal

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