Pre-Master Program on the Foundations of Information technology (FIT)

Pre-Master Program on the Foundations of Information technology (FIT)

Fill the gaps in your computer science knowledge: the fast track to qualify for master's programs in computer science, software engineering, quantum informatics, and other IT topics. The Pre-master program has just begun! Contact us to explore opportunities for immediate enrolment or to reserve your spot for our next intake in the Spring semester of 2025!

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About the Pre-Master program (FIT)

Are you passionate about programming but find that you are missing some fundamental computer science concepts in algorithms, data structures, theory of computing, logic, concurrency, databases, linear algebra, statistics and other topics normally covered by a Bachelor program in computer science?

Constructor Institute’s new Pre-Master (FIT) program may be just what you need.

The Pre-Master Program in Foundations of Information Technology (FIT), will bring you up to date on your missing knowledge.

FIT program prepares you for success in advanced studies in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Quantum Technologies, and the IT industry. This program is tailored for individuals who have some programming enthusiasm but may be missing essential components in their background.

And here's the twist:  if you successfully complete the program with a minimum overall grade of 5* or higher, you automatically qualify for admission into one of Constructor Institute’s master programs (Computer Science, Software Engineering and Leadership – CSSEL, and Quantum Software Engineering and Computer Science – QSECS), along with a tuition reduction.

*Grades for the pre-master program follow the Swiss grading system, with 1 (minimum) and 6 (maximum), while 4 is the minimum passing grade.

Why is the Pre-Master a good FIT for you?

Many professionals in the field have acquired specific programming tools and techniques but encounter limitations in their career development due to a lack of essential foundations in computer science and software engineering. The Pre-Master (FIT) Program addresses these deficiencies and equips its graduates for successful further study and exciting careers in advanced IT projects, utilizing modern techniques of software engineering, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.

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Program features

  • Duration: One semester (4 months)
  • Starting date: Beginning of every Spring semester ( February - March)
  • Deadline: Rolling admission basis
  • Tuition fee: CHF 3,000
  • Referral program: Refer your friends and colleagues to our program and receive a 10% discount on the tuition fee for all referrals.*
  • Credits: 24 ECTS (approx. 720 hours of work)
  • Focus: Theoretical and practical foundations
  • Eligibility: Bachelor degree
  • Outcome: This certificate grants automatic entry into CSSEL or QSECS master programs at Constructor Institute upon completion with a minimum overall grade of 5** or higher.
  • Career readiness: Well-equipped for immediate industry placement
  • Format: Fully online 

* Refer your friends and colleagues to join our prestigious Pre-Master program, and both you and your referred candidates will enjoy a special 10% reduction in tuition fees! It's a win-win situation – you not only enhance your educational experience but also create a network of like-minded individuals on the same exciting academic adventure.

Here's how it works:

Refer a friend or colleague to our Pre-Master program.
When they apply, ensure they mention your name as the referrer.
Both you and your friend will enjoy a 10% reduction in tuition fees!

Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your educational journey and help your peers do the same. Share the gift of education and enjoy the rewards together!

**Grades for the Pre-Master program follow the Swiss grading system, with 1 (minimum) and 6 (maximum), while 4 is the minimum passing grade.

Program structure

The schedule for the Pre-Master Program 2024 is divided into two blocks:

  1. Block A: Foundations
    4 Courses (3 ECTS*** each)
  2. Block B: Applications
    4 Courses (3 ECTS each)

The total program comprises 24 ECTS credits.

Continuous grading during each course
Final exams

***Credit point in the European Credit Transfer System


Block A (March/April - May)

  • Logic & discrete math
  • Theory of Computing
  • Math for AI and ML
  • Object-Oriented Programming

Block B (June - July )

  • Algorithms and data structure lab
  • Operating systems & concurrency
  • Information systems
  • Machine learning
Admission and eligibility

To qualify for the program, you must hold a bachelor's degree. It doesn't have to be specifically in computer science, but we prefer a technical background. The Admission Committee will assess the acceptability of your degree.

If you achieve an overall grade of at least 5* , you are guaranteed admission to any of Constructor Institute’s Master of Science programs and qualify for a tuition fee reduction, eliminating the need for a Bachelor's degree in computer science. Our selection process operates on a rolling admission basis.

*Grades for the pre-master program follow the Swiss grading system, with 1 (minimum) and 6 (maximum), while 4 is the minimum passing grade.

Refund policy
  • Full refund if Constructor Institute cancels the program.
  • Full refund if participant cancels in writing 2 weeks or more before start of program.
  • 50% refund if participant cancels in writing 1 week or more before start of program.
  • No refund in other circumstances. Constructor Institute may at its discretion offer a partial or total transfer of the fees to another program.

Join us on the journey

Seize the chance for growth! Enroll in our Pre-Master (FIT) program and pave the way for a rewarding career in the most advanced fields of software engineering.

Know someone else who could benefit from our program?
Refer them, and receive a special discount on your own Pre-Master (FIT) program fee. Hurry, as spots are limited!

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How to apply?

Note: If you have already applied to a Constructor Institute master program, you do not need to resubmit the documents already sent.

To start the application process, please reach out to us by filling the form.

The required documents are:

  • Proof of identity: Provide a government-issued national ID or passport for EU and non-EU citizens.
  • University transcripts: Submit your most updated transcripts or official mark sheets of completed semesters. Include explanations of grading systems if applicable.
  • Diplomas: Submit a copy of all diplomas received.
  • CV: Describe your academic, professional, extracurricular, and voluntary activities.
  • Motivation statement: Write a 1-page letter explaining your choice of Constructor Institute, reasons for admission, and exceptional qualities. If you are interested in apply for a scholarship, please indicate that here.

Optional, but desirable:

  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (optional): Demonstrate English language proficiency by any official language certificate or by a personal interview with one of our representatives.
  • Recommendation letter (optional): Obtain letters of recommendation from professors, supervisors, or employers, ensuring they are signed and unique.

Your documents should be in English or a Swiss official language (German, French, Italian).  This applies to transcripts, diplomas and recommendation letters, all other documents must be in English. Alternatively, you can provide an official English translation.

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