Collins dictionary names ‘AI’ the most notable word of 2023

Artificial Intelligence has been in the news throughout 2023, including big stories of traditional companies investing in AI, government meetings over implementing new AI regulations, and sizable VC investment in emerging startups. 


Thanks to this rising visibility – and a quadrupling in its use, according to Alex Beecroft, the managing director of Collins – the term 'Artificial Intelligence' has been named the "word of the year" by Collins Dictionary, beating out other finalists like “deinfluencing” and “nepo baby”.


When reached for comment by BBC News, “AI chatbot ChatGPT replied, ‘AI's selection as the word of the year by Collins Dictionary reflects the profound impact of artificial intelligence on our rapidly evolving world, where innovation and transformation are driven by the power of algorithms and data’."


The spotlight has been on AI in 2023, and this “award” is just the latest proof of that evident truth. But, at Constructor, we believe that Artificial Intelligence – like breakthroughs in quantum computing and developments in advanced materials – are much more than 2023’s news. These technologies will soon become as ubiquitous and embedded in our everyday lives as email, smartphones, and streaming, or any other once-futuristic technology. More importantly, we believe that it is through these technologies that we will create the knowledge needed to construct a better future. 


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