Nicolas Gisin's upcoming talk at Cambridge University
Nicolas Gisin's upcoming talk at Cambridge University

Join us for an enlightening session with Emeritus Professor Nicolas Gisin from Constructor Institute, who will be presenting at the Theoretical Physics Colloquium and Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations (CQIF) seminar at #Cambridge University on 19 October.

You can attend in person or join us online!


  • Date: Thursday, October 19 Time: 02:15 PM (GMT, UTC+1)
  • Place: MR2, Cambridge University Event: Theoretical Physics Colloquium and CQIF Seminar
  • Title: "Quantum non-locality in networks"
  • Speaker: Nicolas Gisin, Emeritus Professor at Constructor Institute Schaffhausen and the University of Geneva

If you can't attend in person, join us via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 969 5532 4131

Passcode: 222840

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from a quantum luminary in information, cryptography, and Bell non-locality. Professor Gisin co-founded ID Quantique, a pioneering quantum cryptography company, and was awarded the First Biennial John Stewart Bell Prize in 2009.

In his talk, Professor Gisin will unravel the world of quantum non-locality and its implications for quantum information processing. Explore the concept of shared randomness in quantum networks and delve into recent discoveries about triangular networks that challenge conventional real-number Hilbert spaces.

Mark your calendar and embark on a quantum journey with Professor Nicolas Gisin.

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