Pioneering software engineering: the secrets of test reuse
the secrets of test reuse

In the dynamic field of software engineering, a significant research endeavor has just emerged. Professor Mauro Pezzè from Constructor Institute, in collaboration with teams from the University of Milano Bicocca, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), the University of Auckland, and Northeastern University, has unveiled their latest research paper titled "Semantic Matching in GUI Test Reuse." This paper has been accepted for publication in the Empirical Software Engineering journal, a renowned platform for software engineering research.

Simplifying software breakthroughs: making new apps faster and better

Consider a tool that streamlines and expedites the process of creating smartphone applications. Professor Mauro Pezzè and his research team have made advancements in the realm of Android app development with a focus on test reuse. Their research has introduced an innovative method for reusing tests, resulting in time and effort savings during the app development process, similar to employing a standardized toolkit for constructing various structures. This method relies on a "semantic matching" technique to facilitate the seamless integration of reused tests. The outcome? A substantial reduction in development time and effort, leading to the creation of more robust software. Professor Mauro Pezzè and his team have also introduced a comprehensive framework for assessing the impact of various semantic matching techniques in the test case migration process.

Promoting exploration and innovation

A noteworthy aspect of this research is the team's commitment to encouraging further exploration. They have thoughtfully made their replication package available online, providing a valuable resource for fellow researchers and practitioners. This enables the refinement of existing findings, additional experimentation, and the exploration of alternative test reuse components, extending an open invitation to the broader scientific community to advance our comprehension of software engineering. The paper will soon be accessible in the upcoming Empirical Software Engineering journal issue, available through the digital library:

Global collaboration: connecting across borders

This achievement transcends academic accomplishments; it emphasizes the power of international collaboration. This is exemplified by Constructor Institute's ongoing partnerships with esteemed institutions such as the University of Washington (Seattle), the University of Milano Bicocca (Milan), Università della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano), and Northeastern University (Boston). Notably, Farideh Khalili, initially affiliated with the University of Tehran during the paper's development, is now part of Northeastern University, underscoring the ability of brilliant minds to transcend geographical boundaries.

The STAR Chair: advancing software testing

The STAR (Software Testing and Research) Chair of Constructor Institute addresses a critical issue – software quality. Their emphasis on testing interactive applications, prevalent in our digital era, highlights their forward-thinking approach.

Testing mobile apps: a glimpse of tomorrow

In an age saturated with apps addressing similar challenges, this innovative strategy empowers developers to leverage well-tested apps to generate valid test cases with ease. This reduces the time and effort traditionally associated with software testing.

Visualizing test migration

To grasp the concept of test migration, consider two smartphone apps, Money Tracker and Easy Budget, as pieces of a puzzle that seamlessly fit together. Imagine test cases, akin to quality checks, moving effortlessly from one app to another, unveiling hidden issues in a novel manner.

This compelling research paper underlines Constructor Institute's dedication to pioneering solutions in software engineering. We look forward to sharing this adventure in the pages of Empirical Software Engineering and celebrating the power of collaboration and innovation in academia.

Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone!

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