Constructor Institute's FIT Pre-Master Program starts strong!
Constructor Institute's FIT Pre-Master Program starts strong header image

Constructor Institute is excited to share the successful launch of its Pre-Master Program in Foundations of Information Technology (FIT), aiming to address crucial knowledge gaps in computer science. Geared toward individuals aspiring to pursue master's programs in fields like computer science, software engineering, and quantum informatics, the program offers a fast-track option.

Featuring a streamlined curriculum, the FIT program covers essential concepts such as algorithms, data structures, logic, and statistics. Positive feedback from professors Dr. Yaiza Aragonés-Soria and Dr. Tamás Varga highlights the program's success. Dr. Aragonés-Soria emphasized, "Within my 'Logic and Discrete Math' class, students consistently show active engagement, a testament to FIT's comprehensive curriculum." Dr. Varga concurred, stating, "In my 'Math for AI and ML' course, students demonstrate remarkable enthusiasm, underscoring FIT's effectiveness in preparing them for advanced studies."


"This program is truly exceptional. Coming from a branding background, delving into software engineering for the first time has been an enlightening experience. The curriculum is impeccably structured and remarkably comprehensible, catering even to those without prior knowledge in computer science. Its online format and English medium perfectly suit my hectic schedule, and I am confident it's worth every investment."
Yana, a student enrolled in the FIT program


A standout feature of the program is its tailored approach, accommodating individuals with programming enthusiasm who may lack essential foundations in their background. Through flexible learning options, including online lectures and recorded materials, Constructor Institute ensures accessibility for students with varying schedules and commitments.

Furthermore, the program offers a unique opportunity for participants to advance their academic journey. Upon successful completion with a minimum overall grade of 5* or higher (following the Swiss grading system), students automatically qualify for admission into Constructor Institute's master programs, including Computer Science, Software Engineering and Leadership (CSSEL), and Quantum Software Engineering and Computer Science (QSECS), along with a tuition reduction.

Prospective students have the option to join this term or reserve a spot for the next intake in the Spring semester of 2025. Constructor Institute's FIT Pre-Master Program provides a practical solution for individuals seeking to enhance their IT knowledge and career prospects.

Think you’d be a good FIT? Click here for more information and apply to the program!